The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 16: Ted Talking the Talk & Ted Walking the Walk

Greetings, dear listeners! Our heroes have been hauled off to the ScenarioTron for a test of their business skills. Or is it a trap!? Ah, dear listeners, you know it’s a trap! Can our heroes escape the banal-yet-friendly digital clutches of Ted the Electronic Coworker? And once they do, how will they while away the time it takes to make it through Mr. Kammen’s seemingly endless line? Perhaps with a  trip down memory lane, a battle with an old foe, and discussion of email body positivity?

In this episode 

  • Brube leads a TedTalk on her favorite subject

  • Agnes pens the paperwork song

  • Gerbbi never gets horny

  • Maxwell discovers a goblin’s Groundhog’s Day

  • Stuart solves the riddle of The Cactus, The Envelope, and The Picture Frame