The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 16 also: Touch the Ghouls

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Oh dear listener, our heroes are trapped in the Paperwork Pit! Will they escape the clutches of Weird Norman (no relation to Weird Al) or will the allure of looking at birthday cards draw their attention from their escape mission? Oh, I sure hope they can hold out against these spooky undead co-workers, listeners! I mean, surely this group of ragtag adventurers, when faced with a tomb of monsters, wouldn’t go up and immediately try to touch them, right? Ah jeez, you’re right. They’re definitely going to try to high five the monsters.

  • Stuart schools a ghoul on Google

  • Gerbbi refuses to explain “quonk”

  • Brube earns a Bruby Snack for a dog story

  • Agnes leaves a message for future Agnes

  • And Maxwell smells a familiar AnimeCon scent