The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 17: It’s Lunch O’Clock Somewhere

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Our heroes are between a ghoul and a wolf place, dear listeners! They have to tame the wild side of their friend Stuart and then fend off the terminally boring Norman and his HR co-workers, Bob and Suz. I believe in them, but do they believe in themselves? I guess you’ll find out in this next chapter of our tale, in which our heroes try to escape the paperwork pit, attempt some shopping montages, make and break deals with old foes, and discover a secret about Brube’s torso.

In this episode:

  • Maxwell reveals his mecha-form

  • Agnes pulls from the public domain catalog

  • Stuart gets puntastic

  • Gerbbi fondly remembers a ficus 

  • DM Hobert ponders the strength of a scanner

  • And Brube keeps track of her favorite alarms