The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 18: Maxwell in the Middle

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Time for a little R & R for our heroes, dear listeners! After making their daring escape from the HR Dungeon, they’ve found their way to the Marketing department’s possibly snack-themed “Goodbye Tracy Vista” party. Can our heroes navigate the choppy waters of social interaction, or will the wounds they sustained during their HR trial make them cagey, flustered, and really bad at flirting? With a widening rift developing in the group, our heroes set out for the arcade bar, HorsePlay. Hopefully they can make it there in one piece (emotionally)!

In this episode:

  • Maxwell is touched by an angel (or DM)

  • Gerbbi drinks the Goblort

  • Brube is disturbed by bad candy

  • Agnes is alone with her balone

  • Stuart sings “Literal Pinball Wizard”