The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 14: Monster MasHR

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Greetings, listeners! Good to be back here in 2019, telling you the tale of our heroes, the Apple Barrel Gang, as they begin their Wednesday adventure. Though they are well rested from their successful quest to destroy the S.I.E.G.E., they now have to face the gauntlet of horrors that await them in the HR department! Can our heroes keep themselves from being part of Dr. Gregsteen’s twisted management methods, or will they be crushed (emotionally) by his menacing underlings before they even make it to their appointment?

In This Episode:

  • Brube discovers Meme-Waving

  • Maxwell keeps an eye on Iraq

  • Gerbbi makes a decision on his third-person speaking 

  • Agnes plays the Steal-Guitar

  • And Stuart gets pretty excited about catching a curse