The parking lot lights gave off enough for the guys to peer through the dusty windows and the old video drop-off slot. They could see that the aisles of shelves where they once found great N64 games, but the new movie shelves were long empty, and the blue countertops had lost their greasy sheen to grime after three long years of this old Blockbuster being shut down.

get. a. job. hippie.

Illustrated by  Kelly Opalko

Illustrated by Kelly Opalko

Nobody ever believes the most parsimonious explanation.  Sometimes reality is much stranger than the speculative, though we rarely believe it.  But what I am going to say is true.  If you go far enough down the right county route, assuming you do not miss the turn-off through the woods, you'll find it.  I'm humble enough to admit I had to go and see for myself.  But they were fuckin' right.   Get to the right petting zoo, and if they like the taste of your silver, they'll totally let you make out with the giraffe.