Roommate #5

Illustrated by  Kelly Opalko

Illustrated by Kelly Opalko

Thanks for the text roomie! LOL :))) No, it’s totally cool that you’re moving out half way into the first month of the new lease. I am like soooo excited to try and get through the rest of the BBQ I’m at right now without punching a wall in frustration. But I am so sorry you have to pay back all that money you got from unemployment benefits this summer. Jobs are THE WORST so I totally get why you didn’t search for a new one once your gig at that charter school ended in May. No, don’t apologize girl for not paying utilities for the past two months!! Who cares if my student loans don’t get paid on time? LOL ;) I’m at a party with friends so we can talk this out when I get home. When will you get home tonight? Because I am tooootally gonna pound sangria and ribs until I numb the fear and anxiety about paying rent on time while your boyfriend “covers you” until your recess monitor job starts in September. OKAY BYEEEE!!! <3 <3 <3

-Kelly Opalko