Welcome to God's Place! More like Welcome to Blah Blah, Right?

Illustrated by  Kelly Opalko

Illustrated by Kelly Opalko

At the crux of all dimensions and worlds there's this little hole in the wall. It's kind of hard to spot, but it's right about where everything folds in on itself, you know? The patrons named it God's Place and it seems to have stuck. I mean, I don't get it. The name or the appeal.

I mean, I guess it's cool that it has this, like, legendary kitchen. Got in the book of Universal Records or whatever for number of working ingredient wormholes. I mean, wow. Fourteen. Whooooo cares, right? I just don't want my chicken to be seasoned with a handful of Mars dirt. I mean, like, right? Coffee was alright though.

Christie X. - Yelp Multiverse 2 star review

- Jesse Nicolaus