The Hoffman Chronicles: Kaos Beach Blanket Bingo, Pt. 1

“Feyboy” by Erik Morrison

“Feyboy” by Erik Morrison

Earlier in our tale, dear listener, Agnes Hellman found a photo of her mysterious patron, Al Buchanan, and his oldest friend, Deb Hammer placed between the pages of her precious guide to conversational mastery, How to Talk to Anyone. Instructed to take this photo to Deb, now known to our heroes as the menacing Mama Storybrook, Agnes set out to conquer her Friday. But on a weekend a long time ago, Al Buchanan and his friends set out for a weekend at the lake house of his friend, mentor, and lover for a weekend of fun in the sun they’d never forget. This is a that story.

In this installment, Tim Tim the reporter, Al Buchanan the ad man, and Deb Hammer the photographer reconnect a year after Tim and Al were fired from Feyboy to drive up north in the car of Deb’s new blockheaded beau. Once they arrive in Tarraesque, WI, they face grim butlers, spooky paintings, and drinks with their devilish hostess. Can our heroes make it through this first night? Or will one night at Kaos Manor send them screaming back home with tears streaming from their eyes and their legs all blurry, in this, the anime of our story?

In This Episode

  • Al crushes some scotch/on a handsome barkeep

  • Deb drinks a big glass of Weeb-Juice

  • And Tim “Hunters” his way to a discovery of weed and adventure

Featuring "A Good Bass for Gambling" by Komiku