The Hoffman Chronicles: Kaos Beach Blanket Bingo, Pt. 2

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Our 1960’s adventurers are back in this continuation of their Kaos Beach adventure! In this installment our heroes Tim, Deb, and Al hit the beach in their finest beachwear. With Stan Cardealership flopping joyously in the water and Carla entertaining guests, our friends finally have some time to catch up and kick back in the sun. Drinks are had, crushes are flirted with, and Tim gets closer to his familiar mystery date. But as the day progresses, trouble drifts ashore as a group of hippies with malicious intent demand to use the beach. Can our heroes continue to navigate these increasingly choppy social waters? Will danger inspire Deb to take back up her camera? What’s Al going to do as Carla draws him closer? Where the hell is Tim going?

In This Episode

  • Tim debuts his beach look and wows

  • Deb breaks down on the beach

  • And Al argues his politics and for a flask