The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 28: Surf’s Up, Buddy

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It’s a very special birthday party for a very special goblin, and our heroes are in charge! Quickly abandoning their plan to let the goblin interns set up the party, they get really excited and start tricking their coworkers to go off and get gifts for Agnes. In context it…sort of makes sense. Finishing up the job the goblins started, our heroes are confronted with one of their biggest challenges ever: lighting a can of Sterno! Can our heroes put together a feast worthy of NPC Inc.’s best salesperson? Can they convince Quinn the Medicine Goblin not to tell on them? Mix yourself a “Surf’s Up, Buddy” and count how many brands will our players reference in this exciting episode!

In This Episode

Agnes plays some Catan

Gerbbi criticizes some Tik-Toks

Maxwell sexualizes the Bluetooth mascot

Stuart uses premium Bardify

And our heroes meet a familiar group of podcasters

Music by Komiku "I got 99 broadswords but this one isn't one (store's theme)"