The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 20: Doors, Dogs, and Danger!

Hello, Dear Listener! Sit down and hear my tale of a Thursday morning! Our heroes have gathered in the office of Hobe Shadetree to get their day’s assignment only to find the Heroic Herd have assembled to “help.” Under orders from the stern hobgoblin middle-manager Thaddeus Warman, they divide to conquer, with one group setting out to help install some supply ordering software on the computer of a sinister employee, and on group following the Herd’s trail, hoping to beat them to Stevi Smoothstone. 

  • Brube’s cranie senses are tingling

  • Gerbbi wipes out on his heelies

  • Stuart tries to make “Mean Wolf” work

  • Agnes gets deep in some eyes

  • And Maxwell gets into SoulCycle