The Hoffman Chronicles: Oh No…It’s a Leveling Up/Live Show!

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Greetings, Dear Listener! Our heroes have completed another day of work and quests at NPC Inc., so now it’s time for them to briefly drop character to talk with DM Hobert about some fun home-brew changes coming to the characters as they reach level 5. But we know that not everyone can get down with a leveling up ep (you should though, if y  ou want to understand who Party Fred and Brains MacKenzie are!) so we’ve also included our live episode from the Chicago Podcasters Unite event at C2E2! Eat your D&D vegetables and then treat yourself to a some D&D dessert!

In This Episode

  • Maxwell introduces the world to Party Fred and Tenchi Meows

  • Stuart gets into Sci-Fi and some fantasy door hijinks

  • Gerbbi gets some heels and does a pretty good impression

  • Agnes can call him Al and torments her bandmate

  • Brube gets crafty and leaves some Brube clues to avoid Bruce blues