The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 21: Swords & Solitaire

It’s a split party party, dear listeners, and you’re invited! Agnes, Brube and Gerbbi are hot on the trail of Stevi Smoothstone, but a sudden storm pushes them into their local CVS (Cures, Vitamins & Swords) to find some rain gear… and danger. Meanwhile, Maxwell and Stuart plead their IT case to Mr. Cortez, the very intimidating and very boring supply manager. Can Maxwell and Stuart, who aren’t heal boys, survive a run in with this surly solitaire lover? And will Agnes’ new power over others, and the influence of Gerbbi, make her turn to a life of crime?

In This Episode

  • Maxwell clicks some manticore mantiporn

  • Brube is tied up in receipts 

  • Stuart. Loves. Planning.

  • Gerbbi swordsplains

  • And Agnes does some real crime