The Hoffman Chronicles: Yakuzar’s BBQ Labyrinth (LIVE from Bit Fest)

Hello dear listeners! Our heroes are taking a sunny afternoon off from office work to go to the BBQ cookout of a friendly, Buber driving Minotaur they met in a previous episode! Can they navigate the metaphorical maze of conversational traps at this party full of damp vampires, flirty sphinxs, mad hermits and a quartet of familiar, grill-loving giants? Can Agnes find a way to win the sauce contest? Can Maxwell get someone to try his Japanese dessert? Can Stuart get laid?  How drunk will Gerbbi get? Check out this exciting live episode, recorded at Bit Fest! at Chicago’s The Crowd Theater!

Gerbbi introduces “Gerbfeld”

Stuart tries to solve the riddle of romance

Maxwell dissects the flawed logic of Ben Harpiro

And Agnes sets a new record for Nat-20s