The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 24: Bang Time

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Hark, dear listener! Our heroes are on their way to run some basement errands for their boss, Joanie Hoffman, and maybe help the security guards along the way! Well, not all of them. Brube takes some time for a solo adventure so she can pay a visit to her secret office-within-an-office. What is Brube looking for in there, and who else might be lurking around the marketing floor? Tune into this exciting episode for moments of whimsical beauty, and a goodbye that requires no rolls, only waving. 

Agnes is just a silly little girl, yikes

Maxwell calls Michael Caine

Stuart is hairy-d and looking ruff

Tory takes some alone bang time

Gerbbi writes a short story about a guy who makes him mad

And Brube reflects on all her jet skis and the sea

Featuring “Credits, thank you for playing” by Komiku

“Brube Bye Bye” by Brandon Kirkman

“Brube Bye Bye” by Brandon Kirkman