The Hoffman Chronicles, Pt 6: Happy Ho(u)rse

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Hark, dear listeners! Our heroes’ Monday is coming to a close, which means it’s time for…*Thunderclap* **Scary Violin Sting** HAPPY HOUR!!! As our heroes descend into the BoneZone without the aid of their friend Maxwell - who has tummy trouble after too many lunch wines (but really Brandon is getting married! Congrats, dude!) - they are beset by rowdy friends, a stern bartender, and a gathering crowd of fans and foes of Agnes and Hobe’s band, Satanic Panic. Will they eat the bar…or will the bar eat them? 

In This Episode

  • Maxwell “buries some treasure”

  • Stuart gets (castle) freaky

  • Agnes assembles her band

  • And Brube reveals an in-Creb-ible secret