The Hoffman Chronicles, Pt. 5: Robert Zombert

Oh, dear listener, our heroes have been cornered in the Records Department by the underpaid interns that haunt these dark corridors of files! They’ll have to fight their way through these tragic, ambitious youngsters if they want to find the information they need buried deep in the depths. But who knows what mysteries lurk in the dimly lit narrows! Perhaps one of our adventurers will stumble upon a lost item and unearth not just the information on the missing photographer, but also the secret of Mama Storybrook’s menacing friendliness? But will their friends wait for them…or leave them behind?

In this episode

  • Maxwell remembers his favorite mall cop

  • Brube sees through some criticism

  • Stuart consults a meta source

  • Agnes gets shagadelic

  • And Paul Wall faces his Moby-File Cabinet