Season 3, Episode 10: Blazing Saddles (a Sexual Euphemism)

Desks & Dayjobs Cover Art.JPG

The Bulldogs are on the hunt for the Best Lifter trophy! In order to siege the shipping facility’s tower (or two story building, depending on how you look at it) our heroes take a chance and split the party, sending Brube and Hobe to scale the heights and break into the Louis Gimbleglam’s office while Stuart and Orlando distract the workers with a good ol’ fashion forklift fight! Will our heroes find the trophy in time to save NPC Shipping from Schuyler Tantebo? Will history remember Hitch fondly? Find out in this exciting episode!

In this episode

  • Stuart handles his machinery

  • Orlando meets some fellow Hitch-Bitches

  • Hobe is saved by weed

  • and Brube finally remembers her job