Season 3, Episode 9: Waiting for Godot With Horses

Desks & Dayjobs Cover Art.JPG

Having just defeated Orlac Stonebasher and his B-ball(tm) team, The Bulldogs are off to the gloomy warehouse to see what the deal is with the Loading Troll. What terrors—or horses—await them in the depths of this box-filled room? Will they be able to crack the case of why is this Troll is too sad to work? Will they find out who is systematically trying to make the employees miserable? And will Stuart’s Divine Portent ability EVER WORK?

In This Episode

  • Orlando eats a lot of dust

  • Stuart acts like a total Horse Girl

  • Hobe puts torture on the table

  • Brube acts as trollanslator

  • DM Alex pulls off an hour long Snoop Dogg joke