What About Chicago?! | May 4 - May 10

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What About Chicago? your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture hosted by Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam. Listen to us on Que4 Radio at que4.org every Friday at 2pm.

On this week's episode we find the Wanted :: EbonyEssenceJet, get up before sunrise to experience Radius Episode 84: Sadie Woods, hear new music with Jessica Risker (Record Release) / Emily Ritz / Ty Maxon, hit The WasteShed to hear Pleasures, Black Sandwich, Dingbat Superminx, Peggy Tenderass and so much more!

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Here is a list of the music played on this week's show:

  • Blacker Face - Wadly

  • Daryn Alexus - Say

  • Pledge Drive - Budget Drunk

  • Emily Blue - Empower

  • Noname - Open Apology

  • Boys V.S. Girs - I Am Joe Budden

  • Alexandra Soulfire Abuabara - Redbone 

  • Pixel Grip - Viagra Triangle

  • Vagabond Maurice - Interlude Sancta Sanctorum

  • Jessica Risker / Deadbeat - I See You Among The Stars

  • Peggy Tenderass - Ms. Georgia B. 

  • Sara Zalek - Still - Life - Short (full audio)