Nire Nah | April 27 - May 3


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On this week's episode we chat with Nire Nah ( about Pop Magic Productions presents "Nire Nah's Coeur Age" happening this Saturday 7:30pm at Prop Thtr! Nire also gives us the story behind their wonderful visual art and musical/audio projects! Of course we also take that walk to Kevin and Hell (record release)/BLOOM/Good at Bad, find out why This is Not Art: Fundraiser & Farewell, discover Jesse Lauren at Powah Houze and so much more!

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Music from this week's episode:

  • Nire Nah - Dead Man's Hand

  • Spaces of Disappearance - Mr. Nobody

  • Bloom - Love Will Find A Way

  • Umbra and the Vulcan Seige - Somebody Will Love You But Its Just Not Me

  • Nire Nah - Patterns (The Polka Dot Song)

  • Casual Hex - Pale Horses

  • Nire Nah - Spirit of Progress

  • Nire Nah - You Are Here!

  • The Jollys - Free For Now

  • Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Vast Beyond

  • Great Deceivers - Salt Over Your Shoulder

  • Nire Nah - Play God