Tucker Millett | May 12 - May 18

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On this week's episode we take that walk with comedy genius Tucker Millett and find out what his life's like! We also enjoy some OrAnGe SoDa, get with Pop Magic Productions presents "Homeset", have some fun with Feminine Comique & CDPH Present: Her Stories and so much more!  

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Music from this week's episode:

  • Girl Valley - Eternal Picnic **

  • Ovef Ow - The Whistler

  • Vacuum - Appetite

  • Lucile Furs - Alabaster Crayon ** 

  • Luke Henry - Rhythm of Love 

  • Raging Salaam - Sell Cars (Prod. Bean Carrots)

  • Nnamdi Ogbonnaya - Me 4 Me

  • Daymaker - Grouse

  • Daysee - Indigo ** 

  • graves - Wedding Song

  • Not For You - It Can't See