Matthew Plowman | February 16 - February 22


Your weekly show exploring live art, music entertainment and culture hosted by Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam!

On this week's episode we dish with Matthew C. Plowman about his show Dishin' with Matthew C. Plowman and many of his various exciting artistic endeavors! We also enjoy an adult beverage at F**k Valentine's Day Show w/ Deadly Habits, Flowtone, & more!, partake in some Goulash: Noise Bias/Dr. Meats/Packard Duo/ Hatcher Duo, enjoy great music at Charles Joseph Smith - Record Release! at The Hideout with Sooper Records, see how The Collaborative Economy Goes To Chi Hack Night and so much more!

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Here is a link to Matthew C. Plowman's show on YouTube as well

Music on this week's episode:
Chris Colson - Dirty Windows
Sex No Babies - Bob Ross
Flowtone - Fool That I Am
wavy id - Vodka and Lemon
Kate Soper - "The Understanding of All Things"
Malci Atkinson - SCARABS ft Mykele Deville
Pixel Grip - Golden Moses
Charles Joseph Smith - War of the Martian Ghosts
Beach Bunny - Sports
Evening Glow - Perfect Harmony
Mykele Deville - Shea Butter (Prod. Maschine Monk)
Cold Victoria - I Used To