Father Darko | February 23 - February 28


Your weekly show exploring live art, music entertainment and culture hosted by Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam!

On this week's episode we take a dip into the dark side with Father Darko as we discuss his solo music, his part in audio/visual group VahnDarko, as well as his other various multimedia projects. We also stop in at Zinesters fest, celebrate the Hooligan Mag Four Year Art Collective, eat laugh and see great art at the Artsy Fartsy Pizza Party and so much more!

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Here is a link to Matthew C. Plowman's show on YouTube as well -www.youtube.com/user/MatthewPlowman/videos

Music on this week's episode:
Father Darko - Your Love Is Killing Me
Pet Peeves - Main Town Riff (Night) 
Ak'Chamel - He Who Hung The Earth
Father Darko - Ever Lasting Death (Ft. VahnCoca)
Touched by Ghoul - Adios!
Father Darko - God's Flesh (Ft. Nelo Sand)
VahnDarko - Summer Nights, Somber Daze
DXTR Spits - Know no no (ft. Ace Da Vinci and Chai Tulani)
VahnDarko - L A Y O F F
Doctor Death Crush - ING (Everything Sucks)
Ratboys - GM
Syl Johnson - Stuck In Chicago