Edra Soto | February 9 - February 15


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On this week's episode we talk with Edra Soto about "Open 24 Hours", the current exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, as well as her experience with the Rauschenberg Residency, her time teaching at The School of the Art Institute, and her other projects. find out more about her past and present work at edrasoto.com. We also inhabit the Co-Prosperity Sphere for Easy Habits • Glass Eyes • The Sueves • Color Card, attend the ▼2nd Ⓐnnual Nü Band First Date ▼, listen to the sounds of Glances & Sports Boyfriend & A Very Kewl Guest, and chat at Reclaim North Side Drinks & Discourse: Beyond Allyship

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Music from this week's episode:
Tragic Trip - Piano + Sax
The Glass Eyes - Hire Me
Pet Peeves - Toy Keyboard + Skuttles
Bygons - Stoned and Alone
Color Card - Look
SideAction - Please Kill Me
Coexst - Dark Thoughts
Glances - XOXO
Sports Boyfriend - I only Leave My House to Dance With You
Sophagus - Cryne N Dine