The Hoffman Chronicles, Chapter 26: The Theme From Fiends

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Time for our heroes to gather on the field of mental battle and face their foes in a spirited game of bar trivia! After making some bets and pissing off their competition, they settle in to face Maurice Feather’s BoneZone Trivia. With a paid-for tab on the line, our heroes test their minds versus a two teams of spooky monsters and one of their old foes, The Heroic Herd. Can our heroes win, or are they going to have to…*gasp* pay for their own drinks the rest of the night?

Tory’s ass is lawn

Gerbbi becomes the Gerbbibreadman

Maxwell wins MPP, “Most Polite Player”

Agnes casts a charisma smell

And Stuart has to settle for Specter

Featuring “Battle Theme” by Komiku