Season 3, Episode 7: Take a Candy, Leave a Candy

Desks & Dayjobs Cover Art.JPG

As our heroes delve deeper into the bowels of NPC Inc’s shipping facility they discover a sinister mystery afoot! The shipping workers aren’t slacking, they’re being quietly replaced by more pliant part-time workers sent by some mysterious “labor disrupter” named Schuyler Tantebo. Will our heroes agree to help the shipping facility, or join Reno and Schuyler’s plot to make a quick buck off the outsourcing? Or will they just slack off for the rest of the day to play ping pong in the break room and give DM Alex a much needed confidence boost for his character voices? 

In this episode:

  • Brube challenges the core concept of solitaire

  • Orlando talks beers with bugbears

  • Hobe beats Davy, not Darvy

  • Stuart’s disguise is a dead ringer for a scab