A Miracle on NPC St. 2: Gift of the Gerb-i

Ho Ho Ho! It’s me, Santa Claus! I’m here to introduce this year’s Christmas special! I hope you enjoy it - even though it’s just chock-a-block with swears, drunkenness, and anime references - and I hope you’ve had a very Merry Whateveryoucelebrateorchoosenottocelebrate. That’s a holiday this podcast is trying to make a thing. Do you think it will catch on? Ho Ho Ho, let’s check in with our heroes, who are spending a snowy evening in the festively decorated break room of NPC Inc exchanging gifts both sincere and shitty. Tis the season!

In this episode

  • Rainforest chokes back some sauce

  • Gerbbi sings the hits (feat. David Bowie & Bing Crosby)

  • Starp shepherds his flock

  • Brube makes the most of the mundane

  • Maxwell becomes a “2” of a person

  • Agnes gets edgier

  • Stu Skellington makes a dramatic exit

  • Hobe connects with an old foe

  • Luke fundamentally misunderstands the event

  • And Stuart “rolls” a miraculous 20