The CondoHouse of Horrors, Vol. 2: The One Where Everyone Rides a Giant Moth

Happy Halloween, dear listeners! Our heroes are taking a break from adventuring at NPC Inc to spend another night of terror and awkwardness at the condo of Orlando Jordan! Our heroes have invited some friends new and old to join them this year, but a sinister pall quickly falls over the party as they’re suddenly stuck babysitting a pair of eerie children. Can our heroes survive a night of sexy capes, nervous Pee Wees, human horsepedes, and dangerous Fort Night dancing? Or will they have…AN UNHAPPY HALLOWEEN?! The “stakes” (Ha! Vampire Joke!) have never been higher!

  • Brube gets bored for the first time

  • Rainforest Things her puppet

  • Hobe fondly remembers a Gob joke

  • Reagan leaves the White House

  • Shadie berates a good boy

  • Lyle finds his voice

  • Maxwell pitches Zelda-edIn 

  • Agnes slurps that sucker down

  • Creb pens “The Spine Who Loved Me”

  • Stuart scolds Abraham Lincoln

  • And Orlando is sexy Bart