Season 3, Episode 4: Clarissa & Reno Explain It All

Desks & Dayjobs Cover Art.JPG

It’s time for the Bulldogs to go off on another quest, and we’re all fired up! Especially DM Alex, who’s full of piss, vinegar and cute lil’ sneezes in this episode. This time our mission comes at the behest of greedy executive Reno Jabroni. Will our heroes be able to follow default leader Orlando Jordan to get their instructions from Reno? Or will his cut-rate Cerberus of a secretary see through their clever disguises of “Air Conditioning Girl,” “Wifi Unplugger” and “Nervous Carmel Fan”?

In this episode:

  • Stuart gets called out and walks out

  • Orlando receives and maybe understands a task

  • Hobe takes a bathroom break

  • Brube disputes who’s best at sex

  • DM Alex defends the honor of Woody Paige