What About Chicago?! | June 22 - June 28

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On this week's episode we take that walk to pick up The Sick Muse #10: Utopia Release Party! at No Nation - Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab, get our vitamins at The PIZZA PARTY, hear the story of 4 extraordinary women at Organic Theater Company's production THE REVOLUTIONISTS and so much more!

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Here is a list of the music featured on this week's episode:

Glad Rags - Tic Toc
»radiant devices« - Hell Hath No Fury
Freddie Old Soul - Thank God
Jungle Green - Tonight
Color Television - en plain aire
Rageing Salaam - YOUTH MAKE IT NEW
Fess Grandiose - Hydro
vamos - Mental Help
RADIO SHAQ - Palindrome
OVEF OW - Working Boy
Glad Rags - Alamo
Espejos - Trophies