Tasered: The Phillip Oliver Coleman Story | June 15 - June 21

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This week we were excited, humbled and enlightened by our guests - Executive Producer JACQUIE COLEMAN and Director ANTONIO POLK of Tasered The Philip Oliver Coleman Story. Tasered The Stage Play will be in production Saturday June 23 at 4pm and 6 p.m. and Sunday June 24 at 4pm at the Beverly Arts Center 2407 W 111th St.. Get more information about the production at taseredthestageplay.com and get your tickets a www.eventbrite.com/e/tasered-the-p…762999?aff=eac2. Of course we also take that walk and celebrate at the Hostel Presents: Reggie Returns Home, dance at the The Slo 'Mo Fam Pride Jam!, enjoy our faves at Crown Liquors: Sam Larson // Peggy Tenderass // Elijah Berlow and so much more!

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Music from this week's episode: 
The Rewrites - French Summer
Euphoric Recall - Marionette
Ace Davinci - Harm.
Black Sandwich - Driven By The Hive
Gal Gun - Demon Eyes
Megiapa - one
Laverne - 21st Century
So Pretty - Comfort Service
She Rides Tigers - The Sky Opens Up
Pollen Rx - Control
Daysee - I am
Sam Larson - Fall in Love Tonight