Season 3, Episode 3: Yogurt Jeopardy

Desks & Dayjobs Cover Art.JPG

It’s time for the last act of our “Music Attending Extravaganza” quest! Glam-rocker/jerkbutt Frobisher Jehuty is trying to sabotage Agnes’ set and it’s up to The Bulldogs to save the day! By horribly sabotaging Frobisher’s set! Will they successfully stop this pretentious menace, or will they find that acting like a jerk to stop a jerk just makes you the jerk? Damn, does this quest conclude with our heroes earning a moral? Eh, not really. 

In this episode:

  • Orlando meets his fans

  • Brube hits mystery rock bottom

  • Stuart hatches a plot to kill the Bartender

  • Hobe makes a deal with Chad