Desks & Dayjobs - The Condohouse of Horror, Vol. 1


Happy Halloween, dear listener! Open up that pillow case and let us toss in our very first Halloween special! DM (Dungeon Monster) Alex has some tricks and treats for you and The Bulldogs! In this extra spooky episode, our adventurers keep a beleaguered-by-teens Orlando company as he hands out candy from his fancy condo. Will our heroes be able to stay sober enough to handle briefly talking to strangers? Will The Sweatshop Boys act on their threat against everyone·s favorite curmudgeonly middle-manager? Will Tim win best costume at the senior center anime convention?!? WE LOVE HALLOWEEN!

In this episode:

  • Stuart cosplays and coughs

  • Hobe meets some sick widdle bears

  • Orlando takes a selfie

  • And Brube really commits to her costume