Glad Matt | April 6th - April 12th


Your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture with hosts Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam. 

On this week's episode get one with earth and nature talking with Glad Matt about The Grow-Op Chicago (, Earphoria: Chicago, Glad Rags, Sex No Babies and cooking up marvelous treats! We also take that walk and find out why I’m Down For Whatever: The Teen Perception – Opening Reception, attend the final Impossible Colors presents Frontwoman Fest 2018, enjoy The Heist, get curious with The Autopsy Talks and so much more!

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Music from this week's episode: 

  • Jessica Marks - Old As They

  • Glad Rags - Part 1 - Relapse

  • V.V. Lightbody - Gaze

  • Doctor Death Crush - Jealous AUdience

  • Erzulie - Hysteria

  • SuperKnova - Burn

  • Glad Rags - Kiss

  • Glad Rags - Part 2 - Resolution

  • Pledge Drive - Dress Like A Wrestler 

  • Maja 7th - Radio Rahim

  • Little Church - Anyway

  • Glad Rags - Ode to a Dandelion