Strip Joker | January 26 - February 1

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Your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture with hosts Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam !

On this weeks episode we talk with Brittany Meyer and Molly Kearney about what drew them to Chicago, Comedy, and the inspiration behind their monthly show "Strip Joker". We also discover Secret Cinema, learn how we got from Bye Anita to No Cop Academy, see the movie three years in the making at the Clamor and Claw [EP + FILM Release] || Scott William || Peggy Tenderass show, and share our art at AFMF presents: Juice Open Mic. Find out more about Strip Joker at

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Music from this week's episode:

  • Jazmyne Fountain - nonsense

  • Vagabond Maurice - Nanukazuki - Titan Twilight

  • Clamor & Claw - Clamor and Claw Theme (reprise)

  • Blunt Corner - ifxckedup

  • Chore Boy - Silver & Gold (prod. Josh Yeiden)

  • The Roalde Dahls - Shark

  • Blaine - fall

  • Dale - Pea Soup

  • Jimmy Spintuck - become gum

  • Funereal - Ode To Stevin (progressica)[jessica]

  • Sen Morimoto - Do To Me