Blacker Face | December 8 - 14

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Your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture with your hosts Rahim Salaam and Ben Moroney.

On this episode we attend dumpster tapes’ second rendition of DEMOLICION, start prepping for winter at Hostel Presents: Winter Sweater Club, develop some games at emporium at the Game Dev Holiday Mixer 2017, and improvise some experimental music at Dathon(record Release).

We also talk with Jolene and PT from Blackerface about their passion, resistance, stories from tour and growth as musician’s and humans.

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Music from this week's show:

  • Blacker Face - Badu

  • Los Gold Fires - Golden Ratio

  • BLACKER FACE  - Riot Grrlz

  • Cafe Racer - Pretty Trash

  • Blacker Face - Howl

  • 8 Bit Creeps - Take Your Vitamins

  • Dathon - That of a Giant Slor

  • Blacker Face - Gawd Damn