What About Chicago?! | December 29 to January 4

What About Chicago.jpg

Your weekly show exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture with your hosts Ben Moroney and Rahim Salaam!

On this weeks episode we attend one final open mic at NItecap Coffee Bar, exit the earth's atmosphere at Hostel Presents: Space Face, watch the ball drop at a New Years' ShinDig, and learn more about ourselves at Wretched Nobles: The Selfie & Narcissus.

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Music/Audio played on this weeks episode:

  • Los Black Dogs - No Money No Honey

  • Dan Rico - Kinda Wanna

  • Chris Coleslaw - Untitled

  • Tyler and Tygercat Do Science - Plutocratavism

  • Daymaker - Sometimes things are best when they’re rarely doing anything

  • Supernova - City Glow

  • SpArkleteArs - Artist's Shit ( . . . or how Piero Manzoni flipped the bird to the art world before and after drinking himself to death in 1963)

  • Stardusk Encounter - Serenade In Mono