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Vagabond Maurice

Sancta Sanctorum

Vagabond Maurice's "Sancta Sanctorum" [Prod. by Manny Beats] dives into the inner cosmos, pursuing peace to the pace of an easygoing drumbeat and illuminating the progressive strengthening and reaffirmations involved in the healing process.


Vagabond Maurice
(Interlude) Sancta Sanctorum
Prod by Manny Beats / @mannybeatschi

On my way back / Home
I'm on my way back home

I’m in dialogue with my healing process /
Finding the solace in healing my soul / My,
Destiny carries me further than I can see /
Living in poetry, voodoo and density /
Writing my rhythm in alchemy / 
Bask in the light of my frequency /
My radiance, Buddha sent, evident /
Lotus sent / just / rewriting my zen /
Rewriting my zen, once again /
Restarting my joy, once again /
I want to ascend,
Passing the moon and the stars /
Floating in energy, 
Looming in decadence / Free, fall /
Forming my freedom in ca/dence
Brewing my essence in ma/gic
Melanin chakra glisten imperial paradise / 
Luminescence in blues and gold,
I’m swimming through the hues of my soul / 
Inner planetary, my cosmos, steady in motion /
Intersectionality elevating the Shogun /
Addressing depression in, Buddhist Palms /
Discover my peace in the sutra’s calm /
Dismantle anxiety, soothing the King in me /
Till I find my way back /
On my way back /
I'm on my way back...

Rhymes by Vagabond Maurice
Instrumental by Manny Beats
Artwork by Fxther Kari & Ya Boy (Vagabond Maurice, lol)
Recorded at Second Bedroom Studio

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