By Jesse Nicolaus

Cado is a 23 year old Chicago native and one of the few artist breaking the mold. These songs, though brief (less than 2:30 each), will be hard to escape. I say with confidence that you'll be listening back more times than you can count and I, personally, can't wait to hear more.


Darkdaze is quite the moody tune. A dreamy quality that feels like one of those nightmares that you secretly love having. The beat, guitar especially, has a way of pulling the listener up by the ears before dropping back down to the inevitable swirling of darkness detailed in the lyrics and intensity of the vocals. This song is an unsettling chuckle from the dark corners of the mind. A song that enjoys The sorrows within.

vagrant+ (champion) 

While this song is certainly much more upbeat than Darkdaze, it still has a similar dark and dreamy quality. It feels like it would fit perfectly into the soundtrack of your favorite weird anime. The fuzziness that is imbued into every aspect of this song eclipses any hints of darkness. Everything about this song is hopeful and massively powerful. 

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