Richard Kniazuk

Episode 15 - Shout Out To // Nick Martin

Episode 15 - Shout Out To // Nick Martin

Join Jesse, Richard, and Tony as they interview comedian Nick Martin and talk about baby bins, the new interview space, zines, The Thread, and let's give a shout out to shout outs and more shout outs! 

Episode 14 - Fuzzy People LIVE in The Basement!

Episode 14 - Fuzzy People LIVE in The Basement!

The Lost Halloween Episode has been found! Fuzzy People went on the road to host a live Halloween special in Jackson, Michigan! This special episode features an amazing guest list including Dylan Sodt, Justine Melville, Anthony Melville, and Jeffrey Taylor! Special thanks to Brandon Heston, Mike Smith, Bruce Oat and the Trash Cats, Anne Lusty, Mary Jane MacCready, and Brittany Kinstle!

Episode 13 - Does Anybody Have a Light? // Brandon Heston

Join Jesse, Richard, and Tony as they interview guest Brandon Heston, who is coming back from the Porcupine Mountains! Listen in as they discuss camping trips, the summer of 2014 in review, Brandon's Jackson life, talk about the idea of having a live episode of Fuzzy People, and we play a game where we guess the first sentence of books from our library!

Episode 10 - D&D - Double Digits // Jon Brown

Join us with guest Jon Brown of God and the Architects on a mystical quest through time and imagination! Hear Jon reminisce about his abolition days and how he deals with immortality; series regular and music liaison Tony Melville talks about town folk of Jackson, MI; we think back on the twists and turns of our old journeys through mysterious lands; and then we're transported into a game of Dungeons and Dragons!

Episode 9 - Wisconsin is for Dads! // Tyler Jackson

Join us with Tyler Jackson of Late Late Breakfast, as we talk about the games of his show at the Hideout, learn about the desert with Tony's cousin Jason Melville, personify the Midwestern States, take on the Darkside (Skittles), and conjure up animal names for famous comedians! Also, the next sentence of Haymaker is finally revealed!

Episode 8 - Michigan - Goddamnit If We Didn't Try! // Abby Stassen

Join us with Abby Stassen of Proxy Morons as we pit Old Style vs. Pabst Blue Ribbon in a monumental taste test of okay beers, wail over Tony's need to educate himself, explore the never-ending beer and spirit of Michigan, delve into our origin stories, and enter into an imaginary forest to give many offerings to a bizarre Green Glass Door!

Episode 6 - Bubbles Rule, Dude. // Jason Melton

Join us as we sit down with Music Liaison Tony Melville and special guest Jason Melton! We talk about Jason's musical past, get deep with some philosophy, and in honor of Jason's podcast, "What's Good? with Jason Melton" we play a special game called, "Good, Bad, or Ugly?"

Episode 5 - Bong! Is That Onomatopoetic? // Blake Burkhart

Blake Burkhart of This Is Not An Open Mic sits down with us on a beautiful summer day to talk about what's good in Chicago Comedy, why a grown man would dress up as Jeff Foxworthy, and how to deal with unsexy aliens in a game of Questiny! Also, Tony Melville joins the discussion and shows his chops as a gifted sound effects man!

Episode 3 - What if I Grow Up to be a Girl? // Caitlin Checkeroski

Join hosts Jesse Nicolaus and Richard Kniazuk as they meet at the round table of their guest Cailtin Checkeroski and discuss a cavalcade of topics such as old and new shows, a handsome dog named Oskar, the seemingly complex questions children ask, the real trading value of candy, graduation, and learn about where minds go during a super fun round of the Super Fun Game!

Episode 1 - Maybe Five Minutes is Ambitious // Tony Melville

Episode 1 - Maybe Five Minutes is Ambitious // Tony Melville

Join hosts Jesse Nicolaus and Richard Kniazuk for the first episode of Fuzzy People with guest Tony Melville! Listen, as we drink Malort from a sports bottle, enjoy the story of Tony's encounter with a weirdo, journey through a segment we're now calling Improv Story Time (for potential copyright reasons), and have an exhausting round of the Super Fun Game!