Tracy Vista

Name: Tracy Vista

Race: High Elf

Class: Warlock / Marketing Manager

From: Sotasara, Fantasy Florida

Height: 6’

Weight: Yeah, right.

Hair Color: Unnaturally but tastefully red

Office Look: Colorful, professional...with a certain aesthetic inspiration that one could describe as “Clowny”.  Big collars, bright colors, and large buttons abound.

Outside Look: imagine a sexy, high-fashion clown...but it works for her.

Favorite Possession: Her binder. How does it hold so much?!?

All Tracy Vista ever wanted to be was an artist. To capture beauty on a canvas and make people feel. But she’s also a practical woman, so she decided a more logical path was that of a commercial artist. Maybe it was the influence of seeing Fantasy Mad Men in high school, maybe it was a fascination with the lines and energy of old circus posters, but something in advertising spoke to her. Or maybe it was a lure?

Tracy graduated high school and signed a fateful deal for her creative talents. A shadowy, grinning demon known as “student loans” supported her studies and allowed her creative powers to flourish. It was only once she’d graduated at the top of her class and began working for NPC Inc that the bill came due. At first it was just a monthly correspondence, sealed with the black mark of evil. Soon, it became a torrent of daily reminders, check-ins, calls, and increasing interest rates that promised to hold her in bondage forever. The demon never had any intentions to give her freedom.

Never one to despair, Tracy just steeled herself, put her head down, and worked as hard as she could. One day, she’ll achieve her dreams of having her own advertising agency...no one makes Tracy Vista look like a clown but her.