Stuart Skellington


Name: Stuart Skellington

Race: Unknown (Skeletal)

Class: Lich / Bartender

From: Necropolis, Fantasy Indiana

Height: 6’ 6” 6’’’

Weight: Heavy, man

Hair Color: Blue Flame that forms sort of a tousled ‘do’

Look: A t-shirt of a band so heavy and so obscure that looking at it can make a music fan go mad. Jeans so black they devour the light. Accessories… of the DAMNED!

Favorite Possession: A framed poster of his band, BoneHouse. The souls of his dead band mates reside in the poster, giving their undead friend power, but no one knows if they agreed to this arrangement…

Sup, Dudes? Stuart Skellington, owner of the dive bar The BoneZone, is one chill dude. In the 90’s he was the bass player for a popular heavy metal band called BoneHouse. BoneHouse broke out with their third album, “The Portal of Time”, and its crossover hit, “How It Works”. No one could stop the powerhouse trio. But life is full of tragedy, and lives are sadly short. On their way to a gig, BoneHouse’s bus crashed, and Stu’s bandmates Dan and Elliot were killed in the fiery explosion. It’s honestly a miracle Stu walked away from the crash alive.

After the accident, Stu found a new profession in bartending. He used the small fortune he’d built to open The BoneZone, a gloomy monument to the legacy of the heaviest band of all time. Is it healthy to pin one’s existence to a moment in the past? Eh, probably not, but Stu is such a nice, charming guy that it’s easy to ignore that his bar and life feel like a mausoleum. The centerpiece of the bar is a giant poster of the three rock stars. Some say if you listen to it carefully you’ll hear the wailing of guitars and clatter of drums echoing from within the frame: a legacy of rock captured in prison of love and darkness.  

The drinks are cheap and fun, though!  So stop on in and shoot the shit with one rad dude...if you dare!