Stuart D. Beacon

Character Art by Sadie Lancrete

Character Sheet Art by Rose Nadia Whittaker

Name: Stuart David Beacon

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Wizard (School of Divination)

From: Orange County, CA/Washington, D.C./Chicago, IL/Wherever we’re supposed to be now (Traveler)

Favorite possession: His chunky cellphone, which is basically just a small computer

Stuart David Beacon is mostly a homebody. He only goes out when he knows where he’s going, who else will be there, and that it will definitely be fun. Once he gets a couple drinks in him he relaxes a bit and is more sociable, but too many and he shuts down and just starts looking at his phone until he calls an Uber to pick him up. He loves talking about what he’s watching on Netflix and gossiping about his 1,686 friends on Facebook.

Stuart can always be found with three things: his phone, his tablet, and his charger. You may think that he’s not listening to you because he’s glancing (or just flat out staring) at his phone while having a conversation with you, but the next day he’ll request to be your friend on Facebook, follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, endorse you on LinkedIn, and possibly match with you on Tinder. But if you’re profile picture is not your face, you misspell words in your posts, or send him even one game request, consider yourself blocked.

He went to a magnet school that integrated technology throughout the curriculum, but was kicked out for hacking into the school’s scheduling system and placing himself in more advanced classes. He recently started working with NPC in the IT department and gets exasperated with how clueless some people can be about the technology.