Rainforest Fernandez

 Name: Rainforest Fernandez

Race: Drow

Class: Ranger / Bartender

From: San Draco, Fantasy California

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 175

Hair Color: Silvery Gray. Is it natural? Or did she hop on the silver dyed hair trend way early? She’ll never tell.

Look: Resplendent in Denim. Rainforest is a big believer in reuse / renew / recycle, which you can really see reflected in her clothes: cut off jeans, patches of various national parks she’s visited being used to actually patch holes, mysterious stains, etc. She also constantly wears various pairs of sunglasses, due to case of eye sensitivity

Favorite Possession: A puppet of a wolf named “Lobo Loco”, made for her by her boyfriend, Hobe Shadetree.

Raised by conservative parents in sunny, small San Draco, Fantasy California, young Rene Fernandez was born to be a rebel. She rejected her religious upbringing and repressive, moralistic parents and set out to fight for what she cares about most: preserving the natural world. Adopting the new name “Rainforest”, she spent her early twenties battling against those that seek to harm the forests, swamps, deserts, plains...basically all the biomes. Honestly, she found the whole thing exhausting. Consumed by anger and a desire to do something - ANYTHING - to help, Rainforest realized a scattershot approach was getting her nowhere, that she didn’t agree with her fellow eco-warriors, and that she secretly felt very little connection to the spaces she was trying to defend.

But that all changed the first day she set foot in Fantasy Chicago, her first city experience. Immediately Rainforest felt a kinship to this urban environment. Sure, a dirty park might not feel like the great outdoors, but to Rainforest it was the most beautiful place she’d ever seen. The noise; the energy; the teeming masses of people, rats, and silly pigeons scrambling for crumbs... she finally found a concrete forest worth defending. Plus, she was a big fan of the nightlife.

Taking on a job at a karaoke bar, Rainforest spent her nights slinging drinks and her days passed out watching Animal Planet. She was unmoored from responsibility. She was finally as free as she wanted to be. And then she met the perfect(ish) companion for her urban adventures: Hobe Shadetree, a local plant enthusiast. Sure, he’s kind of a goofball and he talks too much, but his simple life of trying to do good for his friends and community spoke to something deep in Rainforest’s core. She might not be chaining herself to redwoods anymore, but there’s a quiet beauty to her life now: the protector of the urban realm, walking with her diminutive beau late at night, picking up litter from the sidewalk, high and full of hope.