James Fisher

James Fisher Jr. was born in Louisville KY, in 1990. James grew up on the stage, singing, dancing, and acting in various youth groups and theatre productions throughout his childhood. He moved to Chicago IL. in 2008 to attend DePaul University, Forming a Hip Hop Break-dance group known as "The Lab" and after his Graduation in 2012 he began doing stand up comedy. Some of the subjects he talks about regularly are racism(on both sides, Minority and Majority) dating, music, growing up with 6 sisters and memories from childhood, as well as insecurities that we all have as humans. James tries to give insight on every side of each subject that he tackles, hoping to impart wisdom and understanding, all while keeping the energy high and still having a fun time. Since he's started, he has done shows all over Chicago at many venues, become a regular comic at Laugh Factory Chicago, traveled to Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, and many other places to perform and compete in comedy festivals, such as the Make me laugh comedy festival, San Diego comedy Festival, and more. He even helps run a few shows in the city, being a Producer of "The Attic stand up showcase" as well as "What The Hipnonics", a Hip Hop comedy game show performed at Laugh Factory Chicago. James is a Energetic, Charismatic and Kind-hearted guy who can't wait to bring you entertainment!