Hobe Shadetree

Character Art by Sadie Lancrete

Character Sheet Art by Rose Nadia Whittaker

Name: Hobe Shadetree

Race: Halfing

Class: Druid/HR Representative

From: Flimsy Gardens, TN

Height: 5’5”

Weight: Not in great shape, but a little athletic, like someone who spends a lot of time hiking, but also a lot of time drinking beer.

Hair color: Red, with weird sideburns

Office Look: khakis (purchased at an outdoor sports store), band tees (feel like he’d be really into folk metal bands that all seem made up), hiking sandals, fanny pack, baja sweatshirt, and a messenger bag full of puppets.

Outside the office look: same thing, but replace the pants with cutoff jeans, and add wide-brimmed gardening sun hat.

Favorite Possession: Dr. Hooves, a horse puppet in a tiny lab coat

Hobe Shadetree likes a lot of things. Music, dancing, gin drinks, long (like...really long) walks, inventing new high fives, winking, making friends, spontaneous list making, Flimsy Gardens, TN, (his beloved hometown) and weed. Hell yeah, duuuudes!

The first thing you need to know about Hobe is that he's from Flimsy Gardens, TN, and he really liked it there. In fact, if he hadn't gotten a job in the big city with his college buddies, he never would have left. Ask him about his hometown and buckle in, dude, because he's got some stories. Stories about roughin’ it in the woods with his buddies, drinkin’ in the woods with his buddies, smokin’ in the woods with his buddies, and etc. in the woods with his buddies.

Sure, his stories can be a little much, but maybe they hold the key to explaining Hobe’s strange attitude and abilities. Like how does he get the plants in the HR department so green and full? Is there gin in that green tea he nursed the whole meeting? Why do pets approach him on the street and tip their heads in salutation? Is it true that he used to sell weed at Bonnaroo? Does he talk to his HR puppets?

Hobe is a gregarious, laid back guy whose attitude and love of having fun puts him at odds with the rest of the HR department. In fact, it’s not very clear what exactly he does. He seems loopy and out of place in an office environment but charming and crafty in the bars and alleys he prowls late at night, taking puffs from the quartz one-hitter he claims he found while hiking one misty morning in Flimsy Garden, TN. “It's righteous, man,” he says, winking and offering a strange high-five.