Clerk & Dagger

Clerk & Dagger

After a chance Craigslist discovery of a paid internship, cash-strapped college-grad Samantha Newberg enters into a bizarre office space filled with absurd coworkers, blood-magic internet rituals, and a bewildering absence of rules! Can she keep it together and survive this corporate environment full of strange menial tasks and deadly secrets?! 

- Episodes -

- Cast & Credits-

Created by
Richard Kniazuk

Directed by
Kelly Opalko

Written by
Brandon Kirkman
Richard Kniazuk
Jesse Nicolaus
Kelly Opalko
Ashley Yates

Sound Design and Editing by
Luke Greskowiak

Music by
Luke Greskowiak

Recorded at Big Dumb Sounds

Cover Art by
Brandon Kirkman

Caitlin Checkeroski as Samantha Newberg
Richard Kniazuk as Tammy/Jubis
Rudy Schultz as Satan
Jake Dewar as H.R. Giger/Todd from Phoenix/Riley
Ashley Yates as Gary/Max Cott
Jesse Nicolaus as Gary's Inner Thoughts/Hank/Jim/Jimothy/Norm Alguy/Grundo
Tyler Babcock as Mystery Ken/Lloyd
Luke Greskowiak as Chaad
Brandon Kirkman as Mikey/Bathroom Priest
Kelly Opalko as Gail/Sallie Mae
Noelle Hoffman as Chevrolette
Glen Kauffman as Tim/Jimothy/Nic Cage
Trevor Piecuch as Business Guy/Franklin
Mary Runkle as Ginger
Tony Melville as Jaime Buffet
Claire Reinhart as Elder Lizard Prime

Katilyn Grisson as Gaptooth Susie/Marsha

Toby McMullen as Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Hank Greene as Guy Fieri

Kelsey Rohrer as Lizzy Person

Mike Newquist as Depressed Trucker

Nathan Parker as Dockellis