Brube T. Camry

Character Art by Sadie Lancrete

Character Sheet Art by Rose Nadia Whittaker

Name: Brube T. Camry

Race: Dwarf

Class: Rogue

From: The seaside town of Partridgeton, MA

Height: 4’4”

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair Color: Harriet-the-Spy brown, in a long, never-been-cut braid, (which she usually wraps up into a bun for the workday).

Office Look: A short-sleeved navy cardigan, capris, penny loafers and a headband

Outside of the Office Look: A red pea coat or a yellow raincoat, depending on the weather

Favorite Possession: A key to Partridgeton, MA, given to her by the mayor.

As office manager, Brube T. Camry is the first to give employees of NPC the benefit of the doubt. Using up all the toner printing a 90 copies of your resume? It’s probably for work! Charges for every STARZ channel coming up on your company credit card? Must be research! Or an accident! A research accident. In fact, Brube keeps all her money in little piles around her office, because she trusts her co-workers more than she would ever trust some “bank!” (Some of the larger bills are hidden in plants, of course, she’s not crazy.)

Brube throws a mean office party. Birthdays, baby showers, half-birthdays, you name it-- Brube loves a surprise party more than anything. When recounting a surprise party to you, she will gladly tell you every part of it that the lucky surprise-ee didn’t see coming (e.g., the BALLOONS, out of NOWHERE?!! You should’ve seen their face. Here, I’ll describe for you what their face looked like!)

Brube wasn’t always so trusting. With a little Google sleuthing, you’ll find that up until the age of 13, Brube was resident Kid Detective of seaside town Partridgeton, MA. With her night vision and stealth, she cracked The Case of the Old Mill, The Case of the Oily Bay and The Case of the New Mill, among others. If you ask her about this at a “Welcome Back from the Weekend!” taco bar celebration, she’ll laugh and say the town was awfully nice to let her go running around pretending to be a REAL gumshoe. She’s long since retired from skepticism!

Brube is single and is kept company only be her very old pet Pelican, Seamore. Her family still lives back in Partridgeton, where her three brothers work at her dad’s car dealership. She gets postcards from her mom once in awhile, with the slogan “Let’s Go Places” printed across the front. But Brube’s happy right where she is! Besides, Arbor Day’s coming up and she has to papier mache a bunch of trees.